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  • Tungsten electrode
Tungsten electrode

Tungsten electrode

  • Product description: The tungsten electrode is an accessory for TIG welding. We supply high-quality self-branded tungsten electrode for oversea customers.

Thorium tungsten electrode contains 0.8% ~ 4.2% thorium oxide, which is a widely used additive oxide electrode. The electron escape work is 2.7ev, which makes it easier to arc and more stable, which makes it perform well in overload current. Therefore, it is widely used in various TIG and PAW welding fields.Thorium oxide has super current carrying capacity, high recrystallization temperature, better conductivity, better mechanical cutting performance and longer service life.During welding, thorium tungsten electrode tip is kept sharpened, which can ensure that the ball of tungsten electrode tip is not easy to crack.Thorium tungsten electrode is widely used in welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy and titanium metal.

Products: WT10, WT20,WT30,WT40

Cerium tungsten electrode contains 1.8 -2.2% cerium oxide and 2.4eV of electron work.Arc current is small.Cerium tungsten electrodes are often used for welding pipes, stainless steel products, and small precision parts. Cerium tungsten electrodes are preferred for welding with low dc or diameters below 2.0.Cerium oxide has a high mobility, so cerium tungsten is not suitable for high current conditions, because at high currents the oxide will move quickly to the top of the hot spot, where the tungsten electrode is welded. This will damage the uniformity of the oxide, thus eliminating the benefits of tungsten oxide uniformity.

Products are: WC20

Lanthanum tungsten electrode contains 0.8%-2.2% lanthanum trioxide, and the electron work is 2.8ev-3.0 eV. Lanthanum tungsten electrode is easy to start arc with low current, and can stabilize the arc with low current.Mainly used for dc welding, also good performance for ac welding.Lanthanum trioxide has better creep resistance, greater extensibility, and a lower agitation rate, so the tip temperature of lanthanum tungsten electrode is lower, which helps to grow the grain size and improve the service life of the electrode.Without overload current, lanthanum tungsten electrode can last longer than thorium tungsten electrode, and it is especially good at preventing thermal shock. In the case of repeated ignition during short-cycle welding, lanthanum tungsten electrode can weld well and avoid pollution.Welders are particularly pleased with the lanthanum tungsten electrodes used to weld pipes, which reduce downtime due to their long service life.

Products are: WL10,WL15,WL20

Zirconium tungsten electrodes, which contain small amounts of zirconia, are the most commonly used in ac welding.The electron escape work is 2.5ev-3.0ev. The zirconium tungsten electrode has good welding performance. It is easier to arc than pure tungsten when welding.The main characteristic of this electrode is that its end can remain round and reduce tungsten penetration under high load current, and it has good corrosion resistance.Zirconium tungsten electrode shows superior performance, which is irreplaceable by other electrodes

Products :WZ3, WZ8

Pure tungsten electrode is the earliest electrode used in argon arc welding and is widely used in various welding industries.Pure tungsten electrodes contain a minimum of 99.5% tungsten and are free of alloying elements.Pure tungsten electrodes are used only as welding electrodes under ac conditions or as resistance welding electrodes. They provide a clean wood surface and the welding ball becomes pointed when heated.Pure tungsten has very high electron work, low vapor pressure, low resistance, good electrical conductivity, low thermal expansion, and high elastic modulus.So when the low current arc stability, less than 5 a well when welding aluminum, magnesium and its alloys, but the launch electronics, high voltage required for welding high no-load voltage, long time of tungsten electrode burning more apparent when large current work, end after melting into molten pool can make weld tungsten, so only for some black metal welding, the important part or welding

Products include WP

The yttrium tungsten electrode contains 1.8 to 2.2 percent yttrium oxide, and the electron work is 2.8 ev-3.2 ev. yttrium tungsten electrode has a long and thin arc beam and a large degree of compression when welding, and the welding depth is the largest when the current is medium or high.In welding high-strength titanium alloy load-bearing components, as well as jet engine high-temperature components using single crystal or coarse crystal materials, intermetallic compounds, ceramic or metal matrix composites and other new materials, superior performance.Therefore, it is mainly used in military industry and aerospace industry

Products: WY20

The composite tungsten electrode, also known as ternary composite rare earth tungsten electrode, contains 1.5% lanthanum oxide, 0.8% zirconia and 0.8% yttrium oxide, which are non-radioactive. The purpose of the composite electrode is to balance the internal electron mobility and evaporation rate, so as to maximize the performance of the tungsten electrode and reduce the electron work.Complex tungsten electrodes arc and repeat arc easily.It will last longer if the welding cycle is longer than 15 minutes.The burning loss of composite tungsten electrode tip is obviously better than other tungsten electrodes.Because the three oxides are doped and mixed in the electrode, the production process has very strict requirements, so the production cost is high.

Products: WX


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