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What are the advantages of automatic welding equipment for rail welding technology

Oil and gas are industries that require a lot of pipe welding, and transportation and production activities are expected to increase next year, while the number of skilled welders is expected to decrease.As the gap between new projects and available welders only widens, welding companies must reduce the gap by using welding equipment that can make up for labor shortages and increase productivity. The development of automated welding equipment for rail welding technology can solve these problems.

Using three different types of rail welding technology at present, the main advantage of multi-channel system to welder's working period increased by 300%, in manual pipe welding applications, the welder may need many times to move around the pipeline, again and again to start and stop, rail system without breaking arc welding under the condition of many times, minimize the possibility of defects, faster than the manual shielded metal arc welding.

To adapt the automation equipment, repeatability not only in the welding process, but also in the assembly and joint design.The device USES the memory of the microprocessor to provide the welder with instant access to information. Many machines have quality control procedures with preset limits for each parameter. After welding, the welder can store the information in onboard storage for later download.Data records store important process information by monitoring amperes, volts, traveling speeds, linear speeds, and gas flows, and then record data throughout the operation.

Automated rail technology monitors multiple welding parameters at the same time. Rail technology is gaining more acceptance. The process was approved several years ago for key pipe welding in the nuclear industry.Early equipment used to weld rail pipes used solid wire gas shielded metal arc welding, but the process became less popular due to the high repair rate.As pipeline companies now require more stringent quality standards, the new rail welding equipment includes automatic, input material, and then used in data generation welding machine, this is a big leap, although new rail welding equipment with high technical and accuracy, but take measures to simplify the use, new equipment including diagnosis and display intuitive power, notify the welder corrective steps required to restore operation.

Through this technology, welders can input programming comments into specific welding procedures, be able to refer to specific application material requirements, fill wire alloys, preheat instructions, and other variables for subsequent operations.New rail welding equipment helps simplify operations, welding machines with inverter power sources are more compact and lighter than previous products, welders are easier to move around the site, more suitable for narrow Spaces, sealed waterproof remote control accessories enhance the durability of the equipment, password protection to prevent unauthorized changes to welding procedures and parameters.

How to continue to push rail welding technology to meet demand and solve labor shortages, equipment manufacturers will take a more comprehensive approach, solving projects requiring automation and integrating welding operations into a welding equipment that has become more accurate in rail welding technology over the years.


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