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What are the development trends in the field of modern welding technology and welding materials

With the development of technology, all welding technologies will be automated. Computer programs will introduce robotic welding equipment in the welding process, and robots will automatically process components after welding.

1. The power supply adopts inverter technology

Power may be based on inverter technology, can obtain AC power from power lines entering the workshop, converts direct current (dc) to a step-down transformer, welder, welding voltage and current can step in particular type power supply will phase out the traditional transformer, inverter unit more portable, can easily be six to ten machines are working on the rack at the same time.

Today's inverter technology operates at 220 or 110 volts, switching between single-phase and three-phase power, and some more conventional units can change the voltage, but not the phase.This type of industrial unit has more power than welders that need to run SMAW processes. It can also run for long periods of time, using modern inverter technology, the welder does not need to worry about the power source overheating and shutdown.Thanks to technological advances, SMAW power is very different today than it was a few years ago. Modern SMAW power displays are similar to those on tablet computers, providing very specific instructions, such as parameter Suggestions, and even access to the inside of the device.

2. Electrode materials are more durable

Compared with a few years ago using electrodes, electrode are more resistant to wet today, early release hydrogen electrode rate high, resulting in crack, joint crack brought in storage, if exposed to the general atmospheric conditions, these electrodes may lead to cracking in tapping into hydrogen, now these electrodes can be exposed to the average atmospheric conditions for 9 hours, without having to worry too much about the will introduce too much hydrogen in weld.

For the new electrode used, showed more stable arc control, compared with the traditional low hydrogen electrodes, especially suitable for welding the new electrode loss, the new welding machine don't have to manipulate or control electrode, due to the electrode after welding molten pool provides a quick frozen slag, in vertical work, novice welder can establish welding with much confidence.The new SMAW devices and electrodes may be more user-friendly, but there are still a few skills to master.

Although traditional machines are still widely used, especially in heavy industry, with the development of future technologies, compact inverters will become the norm for portable applications, small maintenance purposes, and household applications, and their performance will be even better.


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