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About us

Zhangzhou Bolilai Industrial Trading Co., Ltd, founded in 2018, is located in beautiful south Amoy bay of Fujian province, China. It is a company of exporting & importing high-end welding consumables, welding machine and spare parts, metal product, composite product and industrial lubricants, providing pre-sales and after-sales service. BOLILAI integrates well-known brands and manufacturers at home and abroad, hoping to provide various customers with more appropriate and efficient solutions. The company's products cover energy, transportation, infrastructure and other related fields.

Our goals:
Aiming to become a valuable partner in the supply chain to help customers improve productivity and reduce material procurement costs by providing our solutions with expertise.

Our service segments:
- shipbuilding, Marine engineering, pipelines, pressure vessels
- rolling stock, infrastructure
- nuclear power, chemical industry, thermal power, wind power, hydropower.

BOLILAI is willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign customers and professionals in all kind of industries to grow and progress together.


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